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About Us

About Us

"Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

- Joseph Pilates

Staying active through every phase of life promotes not only physical health, but overall wellness. Our goal is to provide classes that help support your real life and all of your activities, regardless of age, injuries or fitness level. Injured bodies to top tier athletes and everyone in between can benefit and develop strength, stamina and better mobility by adding pilates into their lives.

Pilates provides a combination of resistance training, balance training and use of equipment that challenges not only the body but the mind. The reformer offers an additional benefit to your practice with a full body workout using a variety of spring loaded resistance exercises in which YOU control. In each session you will be led through a sequence of exercises that will enable you to develop strength, better posture, greater flexibility, and improved balance and stamina.


Through mindful movement in our specially designed classes, we strive to enhance your overall wellness. We welcome everyone to join a class and experience the benefits of pilates!

Our Classes

Our Classes

Studio P is a boutique style studio offering quality instruction through private sessions and small group reformer classes. Private sessions are by appointment and tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Our group reformer classes are each designed with the participants in mind, utilizing props, modifications and variations in exercises to meet you at your level of skill and experience.

Whether interested in brushing up on the basics or in the mood for more of a challenge, intermediate and advanced participants are welcome to join any group class on our schedule. Beginning and rehabbing participants are encouraged to book Private/Semi-Private Sessions, attend our Beginner's Workshop or register for Principles Group classes. These classes are an introduction to the reformer, the principles of pilates and focus on proper form and breath. Once comfortable using the equipment in a group class setting and are familiar with essential reformer exercises, we encourage you to try one of our other group class offerings. 



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Studio P | Pilates & Fitness

303 Martin Luther King Dr - Bastrop, TX 78602

Tel: (512) 360-8542



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